# 203 Meritxell Aumedes



Kunststation im Bahnhof Vohwinkel: Haus der Geschichte – ein reenactment
Bahnstraße 16, im Bahnhof Vohwinkel – barrierefrei


This new version of Aumedes audiovisual installation rûaḥ has been inspired by the collaboration with Eckehard Löwish, opening other associative paths by integrating marble as a new element in the work.

How does experience engrave in our bodies? When defining negative and positive physical sensing, where is the crossing line and how are they related to each other? Does the embodiment of experiences qualified as positive or negative transform the representation of our bodies and in which way?

rûaḥ (female Hebrew onomatopoetic expression that mimics the sound of the wind or a breath). In an oscillation of waves between tension and release, Aumedes portrays the moment of letting go after an intense experience, exploring the state of calmness after the storm. She uses a bed as a metaphoric space of encounter for birth and death, pain and pleasure, a place where life can often start and end. This “silent space” works in juxtaposition to the memories and sounds it is connected to. In a cycle without a beginning or an end, rûaḥ reflects upon primal feelings of the human condition.

Aumedes has been working in the field of performing and visual arts for 20 years. Her artistic work has been presented on as well as off stage, taking part on exhibitions, screenings and performances around Europe and beyond, in collaboration with other artists, festivals and artistic institutions.




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